Baga beach is one of the north beaches of Goa. Actually, from Sinquerim, on the south part, to Baga on the north, there’s only one stretch of sand of almost 8 km (a bit less than 5 miles), and the names of the different spots along this beach have been given accordingly to the villages bording it. These villages are nowdays touching each other so it’s difficult to know where they start or end, and the whole area is a continuous line of houses and shops.

Big Baga beach white board writte in red letters

Baga beach sign at the mouth of the river.

Baga beach has two faces: one facing the west and the sea, crowded, not to say overcrowded during the tourist season (november to march), and another one, smaller, facing the river on the north, surprisingly peaceful.
Below is a map showing the location of Baga beach in North Goa. And if you want an overview of all the beaches in Goa, you can see it in the main page: Beaches in Goa India.

map of North Goa beaches in India, showing Baga beach location

Once upon a time, Baga beach was a peaceful beach. Look at what it has become now: beachbeds and their parasols as far as the eye can see! But some people like it because of lots of activities, and people to mingle with, many different restaurants, shops, and night life…

a very long row of beach beds and their parasols

If you like a crowded beach life, this is where to go!

endless row of beach beds view from the back of the beach

Between the line of beachbeds and the restaurants, you can get a glimpse of the beautiful Goan sand.

Active beach life in Baga, North Goa, India

Baga beach has become a really packed beach…

Intense beach activity in Baga, north Goa, India

… with its busy water-sports life.

And then, when you reach the North of the beach, the atmosphere changes completely and here what you see:


North part of Baga beach, where the beach meets the mouth of the river

At the mouth of the river the beach becomes peaceful.

No more beachbeds. The local village life is alive here, and you can see the beautiful white sand of the beach, and young Goan boys playing cricket or football as well as fishing boats.

Boats on the sand and young goan people next to the river

When you reach the mouth of the river, the contrast with the crowd on the sea side of the beach is astounding!

Baga harbour and its boats on the river

You realize at the sight of this completely different scenery with these colourful boats and lack of people that Baga is also a fishermen village with a tiny cute harbour on the west side, along the river.

fishing boats on the river and fishing nets

Another view over the harbour, through the muslin of fishing nets.

Boats on Arpora river and the bridge in the background

Bridge over Arpora river
A close-up view of the bridge over Arpora river, the road going to the other North beaches of Goa.

A lane in Baga, behind the beach
Behind the beach, the village. Here, a lane with shops: pleasant place to stroll around.

Life guards house at the back of the beach among cocout trees
The usual lifeguard house, and, on the left, a catholic chapel…

Hindu temple in Baga

…and across the road, an hindu temple.

That’s it for Baga! Oh, just one last picture:

Elephant on the road in North Goa, India
Leaving Baga, we met this elephant on our way to Anjuna, the next beach on the north.

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