Talpona beach in South Goa, India

Talpona beach

If you’re looking for a beautiful isolated place, easy to access, Talpona beach is a good choice. Very few people here, a couple of guest-houses and places to eat, and this beautiful beach! There’s no fishing activity on Talpona beach, so you don’t see these nice boats here. The harbour is in the mouth of Talpona river, just close by. The area is beautiful and really worth visiting.

South Goa beach map showing Talpona beach

Talpona beach on a South Goa beach map


Beach shack of Talpona beach

Tejas beach shack

Around the center of the beach, this only shack, actually adjacent to a house where you can rent a basic room right on the beach. We had there a local dish: The fish curry rice, which is The Goan dish!

Pine trees at the back of Talpona beach

Rows of pine trees at the back of the beach

rows of pine trees in Talpona beach

Lines of pine trees at the back of the beach

Talpona beach is at an easy scooter riding distance from Palolem, Colomb, Patnem and Rajbagh beaches.
Now, let’s have a look at what expects you when you reach Talpona beach.

Talpona beach, south view

View over the south part of the beach

Talpona beach, north view

The north side of the beach

Peace, nature…who would guess that some kilometers away, you have the frenetic life of Palolem beach during the tourist season?

small one way bridge over Talpona river

The bridge crossing Talpona river

road sign showing the way to Talpona and other locations

Road sign showing the way

You can easily find the way to go to Talpona: you just follow the road after Patnem. Then, you’ll reach a T junction. Take the right turn, and then, just a bit further, another junction. Take the left one, and you’re on your way to Talpona, and find yourself in the real goan life. You’re on a beautiful road where you follow the river, cross the small bridge you see above, follow again the river, and finally reach Talpona beach, after the mouth of the Talpona river.

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