Ranwaddo beach is one of the 2 beach spots of Betalbatim. It is also called Lover’s beach, as you can see on the picture below. We took the pictures at sunset, and they beautifully convey the romantic atmosphere of the place.

Betalbatim board for it's lover's beach showing a drawing with lovers and a coconut

A very romantic place, as you’ll see in the photos below.

Ranwaddo is a beach of Central South Goa, located on this beautiful 26 km (16 miles) beach that you can see on the map below. Actually, Ranwaddo beach is the name of this portion of this huge beach and of its access. To have an overview of all the beaches of Goa, you can go to: Beaches in Goa India.

A small car parking place, but that’s ok, Lover’s beach is not a crowded place.

Car parking place behind Ranwaddo beach in Betalbatim


Sandy path leading to the beach in Betalbatim

View of the pathway to the beach from the car parking


Another sandy path to access Ranwaddo beach in Betalbatim, South Goa, India

A second access pathway to the beach

Different sandy pathways lead to the beach through a nice coconut grove, with some bushes where lovers can hide themselves…
The land behind the beach is a mix of pine and coconut trees, spread over sandy dunes: a very beautiful spot.

View over the sea and the sunset from the backside of the beach in Ranwaddo Betalbatim

A row of pine trees overhanging the beach. There, you can see how the back side of the beach is high compared to the beach itself.

View of Betalbatim Ranwaddo north side of the beach at sunset

View over the north side of the beach…empty…

As you can see on the pictures above and below, the government, to prevent the erosion of the beach, has put huge nets to protect the beach. Will tell you after the next monsoon if it has been efficient!
Update: It’s ok, it’s holding on!

South view of Betalbatim Ranwaddo beach

…And a view towards the south side of it. You can see people walking on the beach at sunset: a good way to relax after a working day.

One sandy path access to Ranwaddo beach in Betalbatim, South Goa, India

One of the beach access, daytime, with a bright blue sky


The road leading to Lover’s beach is close to the one leading to Thonwaddo, just 100 m away from it in the direction of Betalbatim village on the north. Look for the Lover’s beach board and then follow the road till the parking place! Go to Betalbatim Thonwaddo, to know more.

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