The village of Betalbatim has 2 main beach accesses: Thonwaddo, on the south, and Ranwaddo on the north. They are only 300 m away from each other.
They are spots of this wonderful 26 km (about 16 miles) beach of South Goa. Thonwaddo or Ranwaddo, Betalbatim beach is peaceful, not many beach shacks here, and people coming to Thonwaddo beach are either people living here or customers of the resorts around.
Let’s see how Thonwaddo beach looks like.

Access to Betalbatim thonwaddo, view of the beach access

A view of Betalbatim Thonwaddo beach access

Below is a map showing the location of Betalbatim Thonwaddo beach.

Goa beach map, showing Betalbatim beach location


The north side of the beach, and its lifeguard tower. Notice how the beach is narrow on this part.

The beach tends to be narrow in Betalbatim, especially on the Ranwaddo access, and I’ll show you pictures of what the government is attempting to do to protect the beach. What happens here in Betalbatim is that the land level is higher than the sea level, and during monsoon, when the sea becomes rough, it destroys the sea shore, digs the sand and damages the trees.

Betalbatim thonwaddo beach, south view
And a view of the south side of the beach. The shore is broader on this side, and it is really peaceful!
Pine trees bording Thonwaddo beach in Betalbatim

The back side of the beach, borded with nice trees. One specificity of Betalbatim beach is that you mainly see pine trees.

Other side of the pond behind thonwaddo beach in Betalbatim
And more inside, a view of the pond.



The sign on the main road, indicating the beach way

Quite simple. There’s a road running in parallel along this 26 km (16 miles) beach.
If you come from the south side, that is Colva, the turn to the beach is about 2,5 km after the Colva roundabout. You have to look on your left for the boards on the picture above.
Coming from the north side, just after the village of Betalbatim, there’s a Y junction, as you can see on the photo below. Take the road on the right and follow the Nano Resort board direction. Nanu Resort is located just before the beach access. This is the sign to follow to reach the beach.

Main road on the left, and on the right the road leading to the beach


Resort building on the side of the road leading to Thonwaddo beach

Nanu resort on the way to the beach.

Sandy bridge to cross to access Thonwaddo Beach in Betalbatim, South Goa, India

View over the small bridge to cross on the beach way

Only one stall before the beach selling some fruits and some clothes and tourist stuff. It’s really a peaceful place here!

Pond behind Thonwaddo beach in Betalbatim

The other side of the pond behind the beach

Now, let’s go and see how looks like the other beach access of Betalbatim: Ranwaddo.

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