Here is another beach of this guide to beaches of Goa: Bogmalo, the closest beach to the airport, in Central South Goa.

Bogmalo Beach view, in Goa India

Bogmalo Beach at low tide

Below is a map of the Central South part of Goa showing the location of Bogmalo beach.
And if you wish to see a map with all the Goan beaches, go to the main page of this section: Beaches in Goa India.

Map of central south of Goa, showing Bogmalo beach location

Bogmalo beach is a large crescent shape beach located in the peaceful village of the same name. The beach is quite a busy one, but not that crowded and there’s still a lot of space, especially on the north side of the beach, which is less developped.

Access to Bogmalo beach

The access to the beach is between these colorful restaurants and shops. Plenty of choice of food here, looking at the sea.

Restaurants in Bogmalo beach

A characteristic of Bogmalo beach is that there’s no beach shacks here, only permanent structures, which is different from the other beaches of Goa.

View of Bogmalo beach and some of its restaurants

Restaurants on the beach, facing the sunset.
And as you can notice on this picture Bogmalo beach is broad.

Board describing activities in Bogmalo beach

Boards describing the activities of Bogmalo Beach

As you can read on the above picture, apart from swimming and sunbathing, you can go for a dolphin view trip, or practice snorkeling, and visit the islands further off the beach, Grande Island or Sao Jorge Island. It gives this beach a special interest and a richness of activities, besides the usual shops, restaurants and water sports.

Shops in Bogmalo beach

Shops on the access way to the beach

Below: The north part of the beach is really peaceful, green, with fishermen boats and behind the beach, a beautiful coconut grove.

Coconut grove on the north side of Bogmalo beach

Coconut grove on the north part of the beach

The south part of the beach is the busiest one, with the access to the beach and its huge 5 star hotel, the Bogmalo Beach Resort.

Big hotel building in Bogmalo beach

And in spite of all this luxury, we still are in India, and the cow has also the right to enjoy the beach life! Look, she is in the middle of the pictures!

cow in Bogmalo beach, Goa India


rescue man under a parasol in Bogmalo

Too many drownings the last years due mainly to alcohol led the government to set up a beach lifeguard system that you find in the beaches of Goa.

Bright sun over the sea in Bogmalo beach

A bit early for a sunset scenery on this picture, but you can definitively enjoy one on Bogmalo beach: it is facing west. Go to our sunsets gallery to see plenty of pictures of them.



You get to Bogmalo beach through the airport highway, only a few kilometers from the airport. There’s a turn in Sancoale on the highway, a busy and industrial place, which doesn’t reflect the two nice beaches down there. There’s a sign on the road indicating Bogmalo beach, but also Holant Beach and the naval museum. Just follow the road and one kilometer after leaving the highway, there’s a junction, the right road leading to Bogmalo village and beach. Follow it till a T junction where there’s the Bogmalo church on your right, turn on the right and follow the road till you reach the beach.


It’s worth visiting the same day Bogmalo and Holant beaches, both being close to each other, only 3 km (about 2 miles) apart, and so different. For example, you can spend the day in Bogmalo beach, enjoy swimming and other activities, and for a break or at the end of the day go to Holant beach for a drink and to admire the wonderful view.


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