Calangute! One of the most famous beaches in Goa India, and also victim of its own success!

View over Calangute beach

Beautiful and busy Calangute beach!

North Goa map showing Calangute beach location

Calangute beach is located in the south part of North Goa, and is in the middle of a 7.5 km (about 4.5 miles) stretch of sand.
This spot, as well as Candolim and Baga the other villages along this beach, used to be peaceful, but now, it is really a very very busy place, good only for those who love to mix with a lot of people. And on the beach, from Candolim to Baga, it’s almost only a huge line of beachbeds.
Now, let’s have a look at pictures of Calangute, village side first.

A busy street of Calangute village

A street of the village

Shops in Calangute, in north Goa, India

The usual seasonal stalls…

Fashion shops in Calangute

…and fashion shops!

Street leading to the beach in Calangute

The busy main road leading to the beach

The plaza just before the beach in Calangute, North Goa, India

The plaza with the statue of Dayanand Bandodkar, just before the main beach entrance

Dayanand Bandodkar was the first chief minister of Goa. The beach accesses has been built under its ministership.

Way to the beach in Calangute

Arriving on the beach

View of the beach in Calangute from the large staircase

Arriving on the beach: View over the beach from the staircase

Some trees and their shade in Calangute beach

View on the right at the back of the beach: quite peaceful.

Many people in Calangute beach

Beach life in Calangute

People walking on the beach and lifeguards and their vehicles

The busy sea shore. Lifeguards are busy here: so many people to watch!

Calangute is so busy that security has been stepped up

People in Calangute beach
You definitely can’t go for a peaceful swim here daytime, maybe very early in the morning?

It’s really hot here, you can’t even walk barefoot on the sand, and these refreshing cucumbers are welcome!

View of the staircase exit way in Calangute beach
This is a view over the main access/exit of Calangute beach

The roadsign system is good in Calangute, and you can easily find your way.

Another road sign in a busy street of Calangute
As for accommodations, you have plenty of them here: guest-houses, hotels, time-share, and a lot of activities: night-clubs, restaurants, bars, shops… You’re looking for busy holidays? Come to Calangute!

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