Dona Paula is located in the outskirts of Panjim, after Miramar and is really a very charming place, worth visiting. You find there a pier, and a high rock on top of which there’s a belvedere and of course a wonderful scenic view.

The legend says that Dona Paula (who was the daughter a Portuguese governor of Goa) was in love with a fisherman. And because of their different social ranks, they couldn’t be together in this life, and decided to kill themselves jumping off the cliff to be together in death. Extreme story, isn’t it? Now, let’s look at some pictures of this beautiful place where you find three main beaches.

Goa map showing Dona Paula location

As you can see on the map, Dona Paula is located in the outskirts of Panjim, the major city of Goa and has three to four main beaches.

This is the first beach, the closest to the pier. There’s a lot of boats! And a mix of traditional fishing life and modern jet skis.

A bit further in the bay, there’s another small beach, and after this one, another bigger one.

Vaiguinim beach

And parallel to the pier, on the other side of the bay, you have the long Vaiguinim beach, where you have Cidade de Goa, a 5 Star hotel.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there’s a long and beautiful pier in Dona Paula, which is quite unique in Goa, and it’s a nice place to stroll and buy some cheap clothes and items, after bargaining.

On the other side of the pier, there are several houses and what seems to be a hotel, nestled in the trees, and at the foot of them, there’s a tiny beach.

Dona Paula has a small and charming harbour where you can see all types of boats.

A sailing boat in Dona Paula
Boats for pleasure…

A fishing boat at sea in Dona Paula
…and boats for a living.

Boats at the anchor in the bay of Dona Paula
Boats anchored in the bay and Vaiguinim beach in the background.

Car parking place in Dona Paula
When you arrive in Dona Paula, this is where you can park your vehicle.

Life guard tower on the pier in Dona Paula
And as there are some beaches around, you also find a lifeguard tower.

Dona Paula pier, in Panjim, Goa
And you see this beautiful and long pier. This is one of the two branches of the pier.

Cross on Dona Paula rock
As you’re going up to the belvedere, you can see this immaculate cross on the way to the top of the rock.

Belvedere in Dona Paula
And after some climbing, you arrive at the belvedere where you find telescopes to enjoy the scenery.

View over the pier and the bay from the belvedere

A view of the pier, full of stalls

The view from the belvedere is really amazing!

View over the pier from the top
Another view from the top of the rock.

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