Holant Beach



west side beach of Holant, in Goa, India

West part of Holant beach at low tide


Next in this guide to beaches of Goa is Holant, an unusual place which is very worth going not only for its wonderful view over the 26 km beach of South Goa, India, but also because it is still an unspoiled place, a real traditional goan place and a very charming one.


South Goa map showing Holant beach location


Instead of Holant beach, we should say Holant beaches, because actually, there are 2 small beaches in Holant, both facing south, so, no sunset scenery on the sea here, but you can admire them in the sunsets gallery section..
The photo up shows the west beach and the one down, the east one, very rocky! Frankly, this is not the place to come for the beach only because they are really narrow and rocky, but Holant has other qualities…


Goa beach of Holant, east part


…like its wonderful view over the 26 km beach of South Goa which spreads as far as the eye can see! Even if on the next photo, it’s not so obvious!


goa beach wonderful view from Holant beach


As I explain in the home page, I realized later that I reduced too much the picture’s size, and unfortunately, I lost the original pictures of Holant (my external hard drive died!), so it’s difficult to make out how beautiful the view is from Holant, and on top of it, the weather was a bit misty that day, but really, the view is stunning!!


Close-up of the amazing view over the 26 km central south goa beach


Here is what you see when accessing Holant beach. A small car parking, with a nice place to take some refreshment.


Holant vehicles parking place and bar


Below is a close-up of the very agreable open covered terrace of the bar.


The open bar in Holant


By the way, the road leading to Holant is a very beautiful one, going across coconut groves and other wonderful greeneries.


esplanade in Holant, between the two beaches

The esplanade in Holant


There is an esplanade between the two beaches where lovers meet and also where families or friends come to picnic.


View over the 26 km beach from the esplanade in Holant

View from the esplanade


The view is really wonderful from there, and it’s not surprising that people choose to come to picnic here. You can see a part of the view over the 26 km beach of South Goa, from the esplanade. This shot is not the best one, it was a bit misty that day.



Below, the same place taken from the opposite direction with the Sun in the eyes!


Holand beach, west part

View over the west beach from the esplanade


The above photos show the west part of Holant beach, a small cove. That day, we arrived at low tide and we saw a woman picking shells in the wet sand.

And to close the chapter on Holant beach, a nice picture of a local boat. On the Velsao Beach pages, you’ll see plenty of them, all with different and original decorations. Velsao is the next beach, south to Holant, and the first beach on the north of this huge 26 km beach of South Goa.


A nicely painted fishing boat in Holant, South Goa, India

A colourful fishing boat in Holant



As for Bogmalo beach you get to Holant beach through the airport highway, the airport being only a few kilometers away from the turn in Sancoale, Alto Dabolim, on the highway, a busy and industrial place, which doesn’t reflect the two nice places a few kilometers away. There’s a sign on the road indicating Bogmalo beach, but also Holant and the naval museum. Just follow the road and about one to two kilometers after leaving the highway, there’s a junction, the left road going down leading to Holant. On your way, you will notice that there’s a kind of other junction: take the left turn, and then the road goes straight to Holant.



As I wrote on the Bogmalo beach page, it’s worth visiting the same day Bogmalo and Holant beaches, both being close to each other, only 3 km apart, and so different. For example, you can spend the day in Bogmalo beach, enjoy swimming and other activities, and for a break or at the end of the day go to Holant beach for a drink and to admire the wonderful view.


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