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In this section, you will find various infos and tips about Goa, about different subjects, such one concerning people who want to spend holidays in Goa, but also subjects concerning more people who live here all year round. Here are some exemples of the subjects addressed.

 Accommodation in Goa

Find out how to choose an accommodation for your holidays in Goa and discover also our heritage home. There are things you might not know and that are important to take into consideration for the comfort of your holidays, if you are looking for Goa rentals, whether a hotel, a guest-house, a villa or a flat. And then, come and visit the page describing our rental in our heritage home: Villa Clemente, an old and big indo-portuguese house in South-Goa.


View over the garden from the “balcao” in Villa Clemente.

Discover the differences and the common points between these two parts of Goa, so that you can choose the one that better suits you.

From sunset beach vacation rental to green holiday rental, the scope is wide. Discover the different types of rentals in Goa according to their location, and what to expect according to your budget.

Water and electricity supply for instance. Discover the specificities of Goa, for the comfort of your Goa vacations.

  • The weather in Goa

Climate is different according to your latitude and more specifically to exactly where you are. This page deals with the different seasons existing in Goa, which are completely different from temperate places.

  • When to come?

How foreigners can settle in India.

  • The way to do it.

Bargaining tips:

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