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I’m Valerie, a French woman living all year round in South Goa, India, for almost a decade.

I lived in different parts of the world during a part of my childhood and teenage years. I spent many years in Martinica in the West Indies, as well as in La Reunion Island, below Mauricius Island in the Indian Ocean, and I also lived in Mayotte, an island of the Comoroes, between the coast of Africa and Madagascar. I traveled also in some other parts of the world like USA and Australia, but not much. I’m not really a traveler, more an expat!

The first time I discovered tropical places I was 8 y.o, and I fell in love with this type of climate and the life related to it. It has always been difficult for me to live again in the French territory: winter is too long!

When we arrived here in Goa for the first time, I right away loved the place, its climate of course, but also its atmosphere, its mixed culture, its blend of tradition and modernity.

So we set up an Indian Company, which bought an old heritage house, that we renovated and of which we rented a part for a while.

I built Goavoyage in 2009 and it remained online till 2014 under the domain name: But I neglected the website in 2014, and lost the domain name. Goavoyage was my first website and I didn’t know about the scavengers waiting to catch expired domain names to sell them again at a steep price. So, I took another extension, the .in, which actually suits the site better as it gives the additional information that goavoyage concerns India.  

My intention with this website is to give you various information about Goa, showing its beautiful beaches, architecture, sunsets, and the goan way of living, but also to sell the property. Life is calling us somewhere else! 

As I changed the domain name, I’ve had to redo the website, and it is still in process. I add a page when I can, and new subjects will come, as a section of recipes, and more particularly, coconut recipes, Goa being a land of coconut trees! 

If you wish, you can write me from the Contact page. Don’t hesitate, I’ll be happy to write you back!

Thanks for passing by! 🙂