Animal Rescue



This section is dedicated to everything related to goan animals, with an emphasis on abandoned ones. Most of the cats and dogs here are rescued ones, but not all of them. Some were born here. You will discover their story in this part of the website.

But we didn’t only rescued cats and dogs. It happened that other animals came our way, and once we rescued a young owl, another time a young eagle, a young snake, squirrels, a baby bat, birds, and recently, I helped a rat that I found in the garden and who didn’t look in good shape! Some of these animals survived, and some didn’t. I will tell their story here too.

I wanted to point out that I am opening this section only in 2022, because being alone taking care of the 35 cats and dogs living here, in addition to taking care of the house and garden, and my other activities of writing music books, translating others, I am really OVERWHELMED, and I have not been able to maintain goavoyage websites properly, because of the lack of time and money.

But I wanted to open this section for a long time, and I am doing it now because I want to show the veracity of the existence of all my dear animals, as I am going through a dire financial period and I need help for the coming months to pay all the expenses related to their care. My daughter and some other people I know told me about crowdfunding that I didn’t know, and which I find amazing, so I am requesting help in some of them: It’s my daughter and her partner who are doing it on crowdfunding websites.

I am working hard at getting out of this troubled situation, and in about 6 months, I should be completely back on my feet and be hopefully on the donators side of the crowdfunding sites.

Beforehand, I warmly thank all of you who will contribute to help me, whether financially and/or by sharing this request for those who can’t contribute financially.







Cats stories:

Dogs stories:

Other animal stories


You can read more about how I found myself in this situation of taking care of animals and why I am appealing to your financial generosity here.