Chine, Yoda and Sirius


It’s my daughter and her best friend at that time who found the three kittens while they were driving on the paddy field’s road on their way back home from the beach, one evening of December 2015. They were on the scooter and saw three kittens on the side of the road. It’s a place where these coward people abandon kittens at dusk, because at night, predators like foxes or mongooses are coming out and these babies are easy prays. We found kittens twice on this road going across the paddy fields.


There were two females black and white, that we named Yoda and Chine, and they have some particularities as we’ll see later; and there was also a black cat, named Sirius, but who disappeared mysteriously several month later. My daughter suffered from his disappearance. And the day they found them, the little black one was really fearful and almost escaped them, whereas the black and white ones let themselves catch easily. They put them into the small trunk below the scooter’s seat, the time to get home, only a couple of minutes’ away. They were about one month and a half, and the girls had semi-long silky hair that they still have.



Yoda and Chine were really special kittens, Yoda because of her temper and her poses, lying flat on the back, completely relaxed (and she still does it!), and Chine really has a special Asian look, and one of her pupils has a triangular shape, as you can see on the photo.

Yoda’s temper has always been strong. She is very exclusive and affectionate, and can be jealous and aggressive with other cats. Therefore she is not really appreciated by some of the other cats, especially the younger ones that came just after her, like Brume and Charlie, with whom she was not nice at all when they were kittens, and sometimes tensions arise. There’s space here, in the house itself and in the garden, so everyone can have its own space, which is important. And Yoda also learned from her mistakes and is becoming nicer as time goes by.



Yoda’s health is really good. But she has one birth defect I never encountered before, and the vet told me that it happens sometimes: the last claw of her front right paw doesn’t retract inside and as the nail grows it punctured the pad. When I discovered this, I felt so bad for her, because it must have been really painful! I noticed that the pad around and inside where the nail grew in became harder and formed a callus. I thought that maybe this chronic pain played a role in her aggressiveness with others. Poor darling! It took some time and patience and kindness so that she let me cut the nail, which I eventually succeeded doing, and since then, I check and cut it regularly.


Yoda’s bad temper had negative consequences for Chine too, whereas she doesn’t have the same bad temper as her sister and has never been aggressive with others. But some other cats tend to lash out at her too, so she prefers stay away and is most of the time in the garden, except during monsoon. But sometimes, she needs company and comes and see me, and she also comes each time I am in the garden. And she also has a good appetite and never misses a meal.

Both of them have been sterilized and they never had babies. They both have a wonderful fur that became shorter as it’s really hot here, but if they were living in a temperate country, and maybe will, their fur would grow long. The only thing that is not really nice with them is their voice, but they are not really vocal, so it’s okay! :p





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