Kajal and Sage


One day, I received a phone call from a woman who visited the house after I advertised to sell it several years ago. She told me she rescued two kittens a several weeks before, that they were locked in her living room and that they were rather wild, especially the tabby and white one. She said the other one was black. She told me she couldn’t keep them and was asking me if I could take them, and she added that she would give me some money for that. She was obviously attached to them, and seemed worried about their future. She told me that she would come back the next day and later to check if I was taking good care of them. No problem from my side. I prefer a person who cares a lot and wants to check than the contrary.



So, money or not, I accepted, and the same day, she came with the kittens that I also put in my living room, Indeed, the tabby and white was really afraid. They both had a skin problem, as they had some patches without hair, and the black one had urinary problems as he was going very often to pass urine and couldn’t do it. They were about two months and a half I think. I first thought the tabby and white was a female and I named the kitten Sage. And I named the black one Kajal, that is the black make-up paste that is used in Asia, Middle-East and North Africa.


The same day they arrived, I have been able to approach Kajal by playing with him, but he didn’t want to be touched. They had the same behavior with the woman who gave them to me. And Sage was hidden behind a pile of parcels and other things on a day-bed. He was going out only to eat and to go to the litter.
My office is next to the living-room, so I left the door open, and I put the food next to it, and I also hanged a cord on my desk for them to play. At first, they were staying in the living room, and I could see them playing together, and within a couple of days, Kajal came first and started to play with the cord. And Sage, not wanting to stay alone, came also soon after, and then, I played with them too, and they ended up on my lap and from that day, they trusted me fully.

Regarding their health, Kajal took about 10 days to get rid of his urine problem. I treated him with an ayurvedic medicine called Cystone, and I didn’t give him dry food. I usually don’t, as it’s the affordable one is not good quality food, and I can’t afford the good brands, which are grain-free. Overall Sage was in better health than his brother. They developed a bit of a cold, but it didn’t last. And, as for they fur, it grew back well, but the bottom part of Kajal’s fur stayed reddish for quite a while. Now, they are 10 months and in perfect health. I had them sterilized too around 7 months, as they were showing sexual behavior. Kajal was in love with Ashwa, and was trying to mate with her, and Sage was starting to be aggressive with other males. Now that they are neutered, they are back to their adorable kitten’s behavior, and get along quite well with others. They both keep their strong brother bond and often sleep together. One thing to notice is that Kajal is a real full black cat. He doesn’t have any white patch on the belly, as it’s often seen in black cats. His temper is really mellow, and I have never seen him showing aggressiveness towards other cats. Both of them are also most of the time at home, and they are also clean and go out for their business. Really a nice pair! I am happy to have them, they are a good company.