Beaches of Goa
…in pictures…


view over Mandrem beach in North Goa India

View over Mandrem beach in North Goa


Did you know that some of the top beaches of the world are in Goa, India? Of course, some might differ, everyone has different tastes, but truly, goan beaches have a lot of qualities. The sand here is so thin that it squeals like snow under your feet. Their light beige color is also beautiful and most of the beaches have kept their original state. There’s even one beach 26 km long, 16 miles, in one straight line without any break.

Discover here in this Goa travel guide the photos and descriptions of the numerous and beautiful beaches of Goa, as well as their location on different maps. 99% of them are facing west, on the Arabian sea, and the sunset time is a ritual for many people here.

We have visited almost all the accessible beaches. I think there’s only 2 or 3 where we haven’t been yet, out of the almost 50 beaches of Goa. The pictures were taken in 2010, but not much has changed since then. Maybe a few more or less buildings here and there, and the cargo in Candolim has been dismantled, a system of garbage bins is spreading, but otherwise not much has changed.

With what I offer here by now you’ll be able to see a lot of pictures of the beaches of Goa, and also of their surroundings. Better than words, pictures will help you to get a sense of the ideal beach for your vacations. I offer you also the possibility to add your own pictures of the goan places and beaches you have visited.

Note that very few beaches existing are not mentioned in this guide, because of either the difficulty of their access, or because they belong to the government (army) or because I am simply not aware of them yet…
So now, let’s have an overview of the beaches in Goa!


Goa beach map India

Map of the beaches of Goa, in India


To give you an idea of the scale, the huge beach in the middle, close to Margao, has a length of 26 km, about 16 miles.That’s a lot of space, isn’t it? Actually, this is only one very long beach, and the different beach names you find along it are the access points to this huge beautiful beach, To make things easier, I divided this map in four sections, adding details like villages and roads.You can see them below. Click on the beach name on the left side of the map to have access to the corresponding page. Good surf!





Kerim, Mandrem, Ashwem, as well as the south part of Arambol, as well as Coco beach are the quiet beaches of North Goa. All the others are rather busy, but the real crowded ones are, during the season, Anjuna, Baga, Calangute and Candolim.

It’s worth noting that the landscape is hilly in Vagator and from Arambol to the extreme north.
Otherwise, from Mandrem to Morjim, the landscape within the beach belt is flat enough to enjoy cycling, but not as much as in central south Goa area. To find a similar landscape, one has to go from Baga to Candolim: there, it’s really flat.


  • – Kerim (Querim) Beach




  • – Baga Beach
  • – Calangute Beach
  • – Candolim Beach
  • – Sinquerim Beach
  • – Coco Beach

map of the beaches of north Goa India





Panjim beaches, that is Campal, Miramar and Dona Paula are the busiest according to the time of the day and the season because they are city beaches, and the real peaceful ones are Bambolim and Siridao.
Panjim and its area is really worth staying for a while, as you can enjoy there a mix of city and beach life.



– Campal Beach.

– Miramar Beach.

– Dona Paula Beaches.

-Bambolim Beaches.

-Siridao Beaches

map of the beaches of central north Goa, India










The central south part of Goa has an exceptional 26 km (16 miles) stretch of beach, in a straight line, with no rocks, only sand, really unique and beautiful: One of the top beaches in the world, definitely!! Plenty of space there. That’s why we settled in this area. So, all the names from Velsao in the north part, to Cavelossim/Mobor in the south are actually the names of the access points in the villages running along this huge beach.

Worth noticing for bicycles lovers that they can ride along the beach at low tide and that the land all along this stretch of beach is flat, with many small roads with little traffic, making cycling an easy way of moving around. But beware of the way of driving in Goa!! Otherwise you can have endless walks along the beach.

Bogmalo and Baina beach are rather busy ones. Their interest lies essentially in their proximity to the airport.

















Apart from Palolem, which is really crowded because of its well-known beauty, and Agonda more and more, as well as Patnem, the other beaches are really peaceful, and not known, and you can even find yourself alone on some of them.

You also have some other beaches I didn’t mention because of their difficult access, like Kakolem beach, before Cola (which access by the way is also difficult), or Xendrem beach before Polem, or another big beach that we can see from the fort of Cabo De Rama, and of which I don’t know the name. Otherwise, the landscape in hilly except in the Palolem to Galgibagh area.



map of south goa beaches in India









Feel free to add a comment below concerning your beach experience, how it was, what you did, your likes and dislikes, as well as your pictures of them and their surroundings. I don’t take pictures or comments to advertise or criticize specific accommodations or restaurants. You can show pictures of restaurants and accommodations of course, but no advertising or criticizing concerning these places. There’s other websites for that, like tripadvisor for example. So, no need to post such pictures and comments, they will be deleted. Concerning your pictures, to protect them, consider adding a watermark and set the resolution at 72 pixels/inch. The more there will be, the more people will get info about Goa, but genuine ones, and not fake info, as I have seen a lot on some websites, like silly photos of so-called goan beaches like in the Maldives, with a lagoon!!! There’s no lagoon in Goa!!

So comments and pictures will have to be moderated, because of some crazy and dishonest people! 😀 But your experience, good or bad will be respected. Let’s see how it goes…


View over Palolem main beach.

Overview of Palolem beach in South Goa India