Anjuna beach is one of the most well-known beaches of Goa. Let’s discover it in pictures in this guide to the beaches of Goa!

 anjuna beach view in north goa india

A view over Anjuna Beach

We went to visit Anjuna beach in the end of April 2010, the time of year when the restaurants, bars and beach shacks are about to close, so Anjuna beach appears on these pictures to be quiet, but during the tourist season, october to end of march, it’s really a very active place, and the beach which is not a very broad, even if it is a long one, becomes crowded fast.
Anjuna used to be the spot of hippies in the 60’s and 70’s, but now, you hardly see them, they have moved in some more quiet places in Maharastra for example.

north goa beach map with anjuna beach location

As almost all the beaches of Goa, Anjuna beach is facing west, and everyday, during your stay you can enjoy wonderful and various sunsets. The beach is about 1,5 km long (a bit less than 1 mile).

Now, let’s look at some pictures of Anjuna beach and its village!

tattoo wall in anjuna, north goa india

A tattoo advertising wall, most probably about the famous Andy’s tattoo studio

lounge place in a restaurant in Anjuna, north goa india

Inside an Anjuna beach bar restaurant: you can lie down sipping your drink, gazing at the beach life.

line of stalls selling clothes in anjuna, north goa india

plenty of clothes stalls in Anjuna: better learn how to haggle!

south part of anjuna beach with several paragliders in the sky

And also paragliding in the south of Anjuna Beach.

Anjuna beach and its numerous shacks

Line of bar restaurants, and shacks all along Anjuna Beach.

view of big shacks and beach beds with their parasols in Anjuna beach, north Goa, India

A closer view to some of them.

 beach shack in anjuna, north goa, india

A real beach shack. They are dismantled during the off season.

 lifeguards house and sunbeds in front in Anjuna, north Goa, india

The lifeguard house.

a calf strolling in the middle of tourists sunbathing in anjuna, north goa, India

Anjuna beach life!

shallow waters in anjuna north goa india

Flat rocks by the shore on the north part of the beach.

 view of anjuna beach from the south

A view over the beach from the south.

a paraglider in the air over anjuna beach

Another pict of paragliders in the south part of the beach.

 More pictures of Anjuna, on the village side this time.

 Car parking lot in Anjuna north Goa, India

Anjuna parking lot.

 mud lane in anjuna north goa india

Lane leading to the back-side of the village.

anjuna church, north goa, india

Beautiful white Anjuna church.

tulsi plan in the entrance of a house in Anjuna, north goa, India

Hindu holy basil plant in a private house.

 seats in a barbershop in anjuna north goa india

Old barber shop in Anjuna.

garbage burnt at the back of the beach in anjuna north goa india

Behind the beach, the garbage!

 anjuna empty market ground, north goa india

Anjuna flea market ground, empty! Didn’t come the right day. The market is on wednesdays.

The flea market of Anjuna is located behind the beach, on a large ground.

Now, some various views of Anjuna.

 tourist stalls in Anjuna, north Goa, India

Plenty of stalls in Anjuna.

 A lane in Anjuna, north Goa, India

A street of Anjuna.

 mud esplanade with coconut trees in anjuna north goa india

An esplanade by the sea in Anjuna.

 rocky seashore of the north part of Anjuna, north Goa, India

The rocky north coast of Anjuna.

coast in the north of Anjuna, north Goa India

The north part of Anjuna.

 cliff in anjuna, north goa india

Battle between the sea and the land.

 a covered lane in Anjuna, north Goa, India

A lane full of shops.

 stalls selling hindu icons in Anjuna north goa india

A stall selling hindu icons and items.

Beach located just north of Anjuna:

  • Vagator beach

Beach located just south of Anjuna:

  • Baga beach


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