In this guide to beaches of Goa, discover another part of this wonderful 26 km beach of South Goa, India: Arossim, a really peaceful part of it. Let’s discover everything about it.

Welcome board in Arossim beach south goa India

Arossim welcome board on the parking place.

map of central south goa beached showing arossim beach location

If you are looking for a peaceful place, Arossim beach is a good choice. Only one beach shack here, and plenty of empty space around it.

Better than words, these photos speak for themselves.

Beach shack in Arossim, south Goa, India

The access to the beach through a tiny bridge over a small stream…

water stream ending in Arossim beach south goa India

… that runs for a while along the beach.

the only line of beach beds in Arossim beach, south goa, India

The unique Arossim beach shack, the Star Fish, its sunbeds and its exhausting beach life!

northern part of the beach empty, in Arossim south goa India

Either on the north part…

view over the south side of Arossim beach, central south goa, india

… or the south part of the beach: space and peace…

store-houses by the beach in Arossim Beach in central south goa, India

Next is another view of Arossim beach: the store houses on the beach and the coconut grove.

The local traditional life is still active here, and coexists with tourism, as well as the wild life.

white wader bird in arossim, south goa india

A white wader bird

exit of Arossim beach in south Goa, India

A beach view over the Arossim beach access.

Christian cross in Arossim beach, south goa, India

Catholic cross behind the beach.

Before the small bridge, on the left, a sandy track leads you to this christian cross: Goa coastal area is mainly catholic.

car parking and access to arossim beach south Goa, India

The road access to Arossim beach and its car parking place.

heritage village hotel arossim south goa india

The Heritage Village Club Hotel.

Less than a kilometer before the beach, stands the Heritage Village club and its numerous bangalows. The people you can meet on the beach are mainly their customers.

But there are before that on the road different guest-houses, in typical modern goan houses, but also in an old and huge indo-portuguese house.

You also have on the way to the beach some few other restaurants.

restaurant in Arossim beach, south goa, India

Arossim attractions

like the Mango terrace restaurant next to the Heritage Village Club, and also a health center, the Ayura.


Arossim beach is just between Velsao beach and Utorda beach, on this beautiful 26 km beach of South Goa.

It is about 20 km from the airport and a few kilometers from Margao, the main city of South Goa.
Roughly a road goes along the coast in a parallel line.

If you come from the north, about 2 km after Cansaulim, there’s on your right a small purple chapel, and the next turn on your right is the road leading to Arossim beach. A board is there, indicating the Heritage Village Club.

If you come from the south, after Utorda, and the Park Hyatt Hotel, you’ll go through an open space: a water reservoir with water lilies and paddyfields. Then, a kilometer further, on your left, you’ll see the road leading to the Heritage Village Club and Arossim beach. Check the boards! And beware of the speed breakers!

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