Benaulim Beach



A beach shack in Benaulim


Benaulim beach is a famous spot located in the middle of this 26 km long (16 miles) beach in South Goa (see the map below). It is close to Margao, the main town of South Goa, and many goans come here to relax and walk on the beach evening time and during the weekends.
Benaulim is smaller and less busy than its neighbour Colva, also very close to Margao. The village, as all villages in Goa, spreads on a vast area, and there are two other beach accesses being a part of Benaulim, south of the main one: Benaulim Vaddi, and Benaulim, Taj Exotica accesses.


Below is a map showing the location of Benaulim beach in the Central South part of Goa. And if you want to see its or other beaches location on a full map of Goa, you can go to the main page of the Beach section: Beaches in Goa India.


location of Benaulim beach on a map of Goa, India


Now, let’s go and discover Benaulim beach in Pictures.


Johncy restaurant on Benaulim beach

Johncy: a good restaurant facing the sea, food is good, served fast, prices reasonable! Also, it’s opened all year round.
There’s another famous restaurant, older that Johncy: Pedro (pronounce Pedroo), just right on the parking place, next to Johncy, and also opened all year round. They have live music during the tourist season.


car parking place in Benaulim, with Pedro restaurant in the backgroud


The first access to Benaulim beach has a large car parking place, and here, on the photo, we can see Pedro restaurant in the background.



Benaulim beach life is reasonably busy during the tourist season. Nothing to compare of course with the crowded life you can find in some of the north beaches, like Calangute, for example. But you still find plenty of shacks, restaurants, activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, dolphin view trip, and at night, karaoke, live music with dance floor.


Benaulim beach is also an active fishing place and you can admire many colourful fishing boats on the beach. You can even shelter from the sun by their side.


Another view of Benaulim beach life with the beach shacks and their sunbeds.


The car parking lot is a big one. And hopefully, because sometimes at night it is full, when people go out for diner.


A view of the end of the road leading to Benaulim beach. The road lights are few or nonexistent at night, so bring your torch if you’re on foot!


There, you have the bus stop to go to Margao, rickshaws to move around, a small market place, with fruits, vegetable and fish, and also a bank with an ATM, as well as various shops. The road where you see the line of coconut trees on the picture above leads to the beach in a straight line. Further, in the middle of it, you have another crossroad, where you have a well furnished grocery shop called Kadar, as well as a pharmacy, and cyber cafe.
There’s plenty of accommodations in Benaulim: hotels, guest-houses, and also restaurants in the area.

Now, Benaulim village has 2 other beach accesses, less busy. Let’s see first the next one on the south: Vaddi beach!


Do you know Benaulim beach?

What is your favourite beach shack there? Which hotel or guest-house would you recommend, or not?
How did you find the beach life, and the beach itself? Your review will be much appreciated!


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