Carmona Zalor beach is really one of the most beautiful and peaceful spot amongst the beaches in Goa, being in the same time not in an isolated place. Margao, the main south town is only a few kilometers away. When you are on this part of this wonderful 26 km beach of South Goa, there’s no beach road access before Mobor Cavelossim, almost 4 kilometers south. Look at the picture below.


Carmona beach: a peaceful place for restful vacations and long walks on the beach.


View over the north part of the beach. A few beach shacks and the usual lifeguard tower.


The south part again.


A few beach shacks on Carmona beach


This part of Goa is mainly catholic. You see churches, chapels and crosses a bit everywhere.



Wonderful unknown Carmona Zalor beach.

Do you see the big black boat on the picture above? Carmona Zalor, as almost all the beaches of Goa, is a fishing place, and you can see the fishermen active either morning, evening or at night.


The road sign in Carmona indicating Zalor beach.


Carmona village is located along the road in parallel to the 26 km beach of South Goa. Only the road signs will tell you that you are in Carmona. The villages follow one another along this long beach, and unless you pay attention to the road signs, it’s not easy to know in which village you are. So, pay attention to them. If you come from the north, you’ll see the sign above on your right indicating the beach. If you come from Cavelossim-Mobor, the road will be of course on your left. Then, it’s simple, you just go straight for about 2 km, and you reach the place below.


The parking place in Carmona beach

There’s a bar restaurant open all year round on the left of the parking place. You can see it on the picture above.
Many buildings have raised since a few years ago in Carmona, . But it is still a very peaceful place. 
There’s a complex that exists for quite a long time: it’s C.M.J, the Colonia Jose Menino, a group of first floor houses belonging to private owners or to rent, with a hotel inside, just a minute away from the beach. They have a medium size swimming pool, open all year round, where anybody can come for a small fee. Very useful during monsoon, when the sea is too rough to swim.


Different sand-paths lead to the beach.

And you’re there, on this wonderful beach! Now, let’s take a 4 kilometers walk till the next beach south: Cavelossim-Mobor.

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