Colva Beach



View over colva beach in South Goa, IndiaA view over Colva beach when you reach it


Colva beach is one of the most busy spot of South Goa. There’s tourists here all year round, less of course during monsoon, but it is one of the rare places where there’s still some life out of season. Indeed, this part of the 26 km (16 miles) beach is beautiful. The beach is broad and the sand thin and of a beautiful light beige tone. Let’s look at the pictures of the place.

Below is a map showing the location of Colva beach.

map showing colva beach location in south goa, India

Located only a few kilometers from Margao, the main town of South Goa, there’s a lot of Goan people who go here everyday to enjoy a walk on the beach at the end of the day.


View towards north of Colva beach in South Goa, IndiaThe north side of the beach
 View towards south of Colva beach, South Goa, IndiaThe south side of it


The first time I came to Goa with my two children was in 2005. I didn’t know where to go first, North Goa or South Goa, and I discovered on Google Earth this amazingly long beach. I thought in myself that such a beach wouldn’t be crowded, and I decided that we could choose first a place in the middle of the beach. I read in a travel guide about Benaulim, as being the place where the arrow of Lord Parshurama, an incarnation of Vishnu, landed, creating the place, and I thought it would be good to stay there. But, I wanted to book an hotel room for the first night, and I only managed to do it online with an hotel I found in Colva at that time, so, that’s how Colva became the first spot where we arrived in Goa… for only one night, because the next day, walking along the beach we went to Benaulim, and we found there a nice guest-house where we spent the rest of our 2 months stay.


Shacks on the beach of Colva, in South Goa, IndiaBeach shacks in the background in Colva


During the tourist season, from approximately November to end of May, there are several beach shacks where you can have a meal and or a drink right on the beach.


Restaurants in Colva beach, South Goa, IndiaRestaurants and a huge car parking place


But there’s also several restaurants behind the beach open all year round, and there’s even one, the Kentucky, which stays open all night long all year round. Good to know!


Coconut grove in Colva beach, south Goa, IndiaColva coconut grove


This coconut grove is a nice place for a walk, in the shade, and don’t worry if you’re afraid to receive a coconut on your head, not only people take care of plucking regularly, but also, people say in Goa that coconut trees are intelligent, and that they pay attention of not dropping their nuts on people’s head!


Watersports in Colva beach, in South Goa, IndiaWater sports in Colva


parasailing parachute on the sand in Colva beach, in South Goa, IndiaParachute on the sand
  The lifeguard house with a cow in front in Colva beach in south Goa, India We’re in India: a cow on the beach!


The roundabout in Colva beach, south Goa, India The roundabout of Colva beach


The road leading to the beach is a dead end road. Both sides of it you have restaurants and shops, Colva village spreading mainly all along this road.


The two bridges leading to colva beach in South Goa, IndiaThe 2 bridges giving access to the beach


Parasailing at sunset in Colva beach, South Goa, India Parasailing at sunset in Colva beach


But that’s not it about Colva beach. There’s another one a bit further north. Let’s go and visit it in pictures.


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