Fatrade Beach


Parasailing in the sunset.


Fatrade beach is another spot of this beautiful 26 km (16 miles) beach of South Goa. It is located in the southern part of it (see the map below), and there’s a famous 5 star hotel there: The Ramada Caravela beach resort. You know that 5 star hotels are located in the best spots, and this is indeed a beautiful one!


Central South Goa beach map


Fatrade beach is a very peaceful spot. The only “busy” area is around the Ramada where the hotel has its front side and a bit further where is gathered a small group of beach shacks. The rest is empty and tranquil.
This beach as well as Carmona beach a bit further, is one of the closest to my house, and I go there very often, either to walk with my dogs, or swim, or even practice some bodyboard. I have noticed that the only moment when this place becomes busy is on sundays during the tourist season, some buses come with tourists from Karnataka I guess, like in Betul beach . But they tend to stay close to the main access to the beach, so you just have to walk a bit further than usual to find your regular peace if you’re looking for that. Look at the pictures: it’s really how the beach looks most of the time!


The North part of the beach going to Varca.


The South part of the beach leading to the peaceful Carmona beach access.


The Beach front side of the Ramada with its sunbeds and bar restaurant behind.


One advantage of going to a beach where there’s a 5 Star hotel, is that they maintain the cleanliness of the beach, so you are sure to find a beautiful place.


One of the few beach shacks in Fratrade beach.


They are all grouped together on the same spot.


A hut, selling fruits and fruit juices, and everything written in Russian. Good for them!


A peaceful moment in the shade for the beach lifeguards.


View from the beach, one of the sandy paths giving access to the beach.


One of the beautiful big fishing boats you find all over Goa coast.


The road leading to the beach…


…and the car parking place.


Since the day I took this picture, this place changed. The green bushes that you see in the middle of the picture has been cut, and its little water pond has been filled. A small construction adjacent to the road has been built on the right, apparently to store things.


Then, a couple of minutes walk on a sandy path, and here you are!


Sunset is a wonderful moment and many enjoy being on the beach at that time of the day. I’m one of them!



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