Vagator is a village of north goa where you find 3 beaches. You can see its location on the map below.

North goa beaches map, Vagator


Next is the main beach of Vagator and it is located on the north part of the village. Its access is difficult (steep) on the north part of it, but on the south, there’s a broad cement staircase which makes the access easier. You’ll see the pictures further.

View over Vagator main beach

Vagator beach, also called Big Vagator

These are the two other beaches at the south of Big Vagator. Both of them are also at the bottom of a cliff, so, expect to exercise your legs if you go there!

View over the two south beaches in Vagator, north Goa, India

View over the two beaches south of the main one in Vagator


board showing vagator map

Here is a picture of a street board showing Vagator and its beaches

Vagator main beach car parking place

There’s plenty of space for cars to park in Big Vagator!

There are actually 2 big car parking places. And the view from the last one, close to the sea, is really beautiful! I took the pictures of the 3 beaches from there.

Stalls next to Vagator car parking

Stalls along the road between the 2 parking places at big Vagator

Now, let’s look at some more pictures of the scenic views from the car parking at the top of the cliff.

approaching the scenery view from the car parking in big Vagator

There, you can sit on one the benches facing the sea, and admire a beautiful sunset.

view over the sea and north side, morjim from the scenery spot in big Vagator

View towards the north from the scenery spot

From there, you have a spectacular view over Morjim beach and all the north coast.

View from the scenery spot towards south and down

View towards down and south from the scenery spot

Down, you can see the rocky shore between the beaches with pathways.

Staircase leading to big Vagator beach

Main access to Vagator Beach

And to reach Big Vagator you have a long cement staircase …

view of the main Vagator beach from the staircase

View over Big Vagator from the top of the staircase

Coconut grove in Vagator, Goa, India

Coconut grove in Vagator

And, at the back of the rocky shore, you have a nice coconut grove. What would be Goa without its coconut trees?

Now, let’s go to Little Vagator and Ozron, the two other beaches of Vagator.

pathway on the side of an hotel to reach Little Vagator

Pathway to Little Vagator

Steep staircase to Little Vagator

Steep staircase to Little Vagator

Little vagator view from the top

Little Vagator shacks and beach view from the top

Woman at a well in Little Vagator

Woman taking water at a well in Little Vagator

Staircase view from down in Little Vagator

Looking up at the staircase, it’s really steep!

Hotel at the top of Little Vagator

Hotel at the top of the staircase

Little Vagator beach

Little Vagator beach

Sunbeds in Little Vagator and the small rock mount between Little Vagator and Ozron

Sunbeds in Little Vagator in front of the small rock formation separating Little Vagator beach and Ozron beach

View of Little Vagator beach from the rock mount

View over Little Vagator beach from the small rock formation

View of Ozron beach

Ozron beach

broader view of Ozron beach

Broader view of Ozron beach


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