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The website is in https, which means that it is secured. Regarding payments protection, please refer to the page: About donations’ mode of payment, the link of which being in the footer of each page having one.

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The access to the website doesn’t give the right to its users to have’s content which is protected by intellectual property’s rights, except for what is in the public domain and some other elements which are in that case mentioned.
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Finally, there are cookies: in addition to being compulsory by law to inform people about them, it is important for you to know that there are cookies used on this website, on all websites actually, and that those that I use on are used to obtain statistics, which remain anonymous, such as knowing which pages have been visited, from which website people are coming from (it helps me to know how people found my website, from a search engine or a social network or something else), how many people visited, etc., but I cannot know the identity of the people who came to visit the site. Therefore, these data remain anonymous. I collect them through website. There are also cookies necessary to the proper functioning of the website, but there’s no advertising cookies.

Cookies, also called tracing cookies are programs that send and receive information about your activity online to companies. Advertising cookies “spy” your activity, even if you are not on their website anymore (like Amazon, Facebook), and they then suggest personalized ads to you, for example or sell the data. There are also social media cookies which help staying in touch with them. And others, like analytic cookies which help knowing anonymously the behavior of the visitors of your website, and also others for the proper functioning of the website, as I mentioned above. There are more, but I am not a cookie specialist, and after that, I get a bit lost.

There are so many that they can slow down your website and your connection! When I was looking for information about them, I discovered that there are several apps that we can install on our browser and that allow us to know which ones are active on the websites that we are visiting, and that allow us to choose globally or by website which cookies or kind of cookies we want to deactivate. There are some free and paid apps. I strongly advise you to install one in your browser.

Personally, I installed several of them to compare. I put Ghostery and blocked all the advertising targeted and pornographic cookies! Advertising cookies are by far the most numerous. I advise you to do the same, and to reactivate them when you arrive on a website that make money through advertising and ask you to reactivate them when on their site. This is what I do. I prefer deactivate by default, and reactivate when I am asked to do so.

You will see on this Ghostery page the different types of cookies:

But there’s not only Ghostery. There’s also disconnect me for example :

AFFILIATION can have affiliate links to merchant websites. Some of these links are affiliated. This means that when you click on a link and then buy the advertized product on the site in question, I will get a commission on your purchase without you having to pay more.
But know that doesn’t take any responsability in your purchase on an external website through an affiliated link.



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If the user doesn’t wish that a social media links information collected through the website to his or her user’s account of the social media in question, he or she has to disconnect from the said social media before visiting the website. Moreover, these plugins are managed by these social media, and so, if the visitor is a member of the said social media, he or she is subjected to their conditions of use.



Opinions that I express through the content of are personal and only reflect my views, just like your comments represent what you want to say and reflect your views. Everyone is free to express himself as he wants on this website within the limits of the rules of respect, the freedom of others and civility. Comments not respecting them will be deleted. And, please, regarding people using sms language, I appreciate that you avoid it: not everyone understands it easily.

That’s it, I think I covered everything. You can resume exploring the website…