For Rent : Ground-floor flat in an heritage indo-portuguese house in South Goa in India.

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To know more about the house and its location in Goa, please go to this page of the website: for sale.

There are 2 important things that I would like to stress for those who would be interested in the rental:

  • We live with many cats and dogs. Therefore, this flat is only for animal lovers. Between the dogs who greets you enthusiastically when you come back from the beach and the cats who come and see you at night looking for a warm place on your bed, if you want to spend nice holidays in the Villa Clemente, it’s indeed preferable to like pets.
  • Rental is for a minimum of 3 weeks during the Christmas and New Year Eve period. Other time we rent for a minimum of one week. We can also rent all year round.

The flat is about 100 sqm and is located in the south part of the house. It has one common entrance, one bedroom, one living-room, one kitchen and a bathroom. It is suitable for 1 or 2 persons. You enter the flat through the main entrance, but the access to the property is at the back of the house.

porche de la villa Clemente, sud Goa inde

On the picture above, you see what is called the “balcao” which is actually the outside entrance. On the left, you can see a bit of the verandah of the flat. Here is another view of the balcao.

face est de la maison indo-portugaise avec le porche et les vérandas, sud goa inde,

Then, inside, you have the main entrance, which is common to the two parts of the house. There’s a piano in there, and you can play if you wish.

entrée de la Villa Clemente, avec le piano, dans le sud de Goa, en Inde.

On the left is the door that opens on the living room of the flat.

Vue en entrant dans le salon de la partie à louer, Villa Clemente, sud Goa, Inde.

Portes donnant sur la véranda, Villa Clemente, Sud Goa, Inde

Vue du salon sur l'entrée, Villa Clemente, sud Goa, INde

On the next picture, you can see Pop, one of the dogs of the house. And I would like to mention that there’s no TV anymore: it died… And nowdays, everyone has either its laptop or its phone with the internet.

Autre vue du salon, Villa Clemente, Sud Goa, Inde

The living room opens on the bedroom:

Vue de la chambre dans la partie à louer, Villa Clemente, sud Goa, Inde

Vue de la chambre, Villa Clemente, sud Goa Inde

Autre vue de la chambre, Villa Clemente, Sud Goa, Inde

And the bedroom opens on the kitchen. Actually the flat is a suite of adjoining rooms.

Pièces en enfilade, Villa Clemente, sud Goa, Inde

Cuisine de la Villa Clemente

autre vue de la cuisine de la Villa Clemente

And finally, at the end of it, the small bathroom, and there’s hot water.

salle de bain de la villa Clemente, dans le sud de Goa en Inde

Prices fluctuate according to the season and to the duration of the stay, so, please contact me to give me all the details so that I can give you a price.